Akipic Citronella Essence 50ml
Akipic Citronella Essence 50ml
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Akipic Citronella Essence 50ml

Manufacturer: Akileine Asepta

of citronella oil Akipic to keep away mosquitoes and repel biting insects.
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essence of citronella Akipic 50 ml

Mosquitoes are unpleasant insects because they bite there where you least expect. But in addition to these annoyances, they can transmit diseases. It is therefore essential to protect themselves.


Laboratory Asepta, founded in 1946 in Monaco, is now the leader on the market of podiatry and cosmetology dermo.

They have developed the Akipic range which offers products mosquito.

Of citronella oil Akipic is a product of the Asepta laboratory. It is 100% natural and allows to keep away mosquitoes and repel biting insects.

Thanks to its repellent agents concentrate, mosquitoes do not come to sting you.

You are protected for a long time of mosquitoes and biting insects.

In addition, it leaves a pleasant fragrance in the environment where it deposited.

Essence of citronella Akipic operating tips:

Place a few drops of citronella oil in a dish or on a cotton and let spread naturally in the atmosphere.


Do not apply on the skin and do not swallow.

In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Keep out of reach of children.