Akilene Spray 150ml black

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SKU: 6400077 Akilene Spray 150 ml black

Description: Spray foot antiperspirant plant. Sudoregulateur, deodorant, disinfectant, sanitizer and refreshing. Quiet Plantar warm-up. agentless formologene, without metallic astringent. packaging: spray black metal, preserve the ozone layer.

indications: Feet heated. excessive Sweating of the feet. Bad smells. Disinfectant feet, boots, and shoes.

formula: Ingredients: extract plant, germicidal agent, menthol, aromatic composition, alcohol at 36

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A. Anonymous
  the 15/05/2019
5/ 5
Bought this in France whike on skiing holiday. Was happy to see it can sourced and shipped home.