Akilene scrub 75ml cream

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Specially designed for the feet to a very strong calluses. this treatment exfoliates and gum smooth your skin.

Manufacturer: Akileine Asepta



SKU: 4408809 Akilene scrub 75 ml cream

indications: cream scrub feet very dry. smoothing effect immediate.

Very dry foot AKILENE scrub cream is recommended for dry feet with calluses, roughness and heels.

Thanks to its microparticles which combine Exfoliating particles and smoothing the result is immediate.

-The Exfoliating action eliminates skin dead and calluses. -the smoothing action and softening prepares treatment moisturizing (regenerative cream or balm Hydra defence AKILENE).

From the first application, the skin is softer and smoother.

operating tips: 2 applications per week, then 1 application per week in maintenance. Composition: Grains of Polyethylene and microcrystalline cellulose-salicylic acid - vitamin E (tocopherol) - Propylene glycol - paraffin oil - conservatives: parabens, phenoxyethanol - Parfum - Excipients