Akilene freshness Vive Spray 150ml

This spray is immediately to relax and soothe the warm-up.

Manufacturer: Akileine Asepta



SKU: 7344984 Akilene freshness Vive Spray 150ml

indications: Spray foot freshness live in clover in refreshing and deodorizing action. Instant care of feet hot and tired, heavy legs. All types of skin. This solution bright freshness, for the care of the feet and legs, allows sanitize and deodorize instantly feet, relieve Plantar overheating and avoid bacterial proliferation. the clover activates microcirculation. liquorice extract soothes the sensation of Plantar warm-up. the Akilene freshness Spray Instant Action live: from the first application, the feet are pleasantly refreshed. the freshness effect is felt even through the bottom. will not stain, does not stick.

operating tips: Spray evenly on the feet and ankles, morning and evening, also often that necessary. applies to the sole of the foot up to the ankle. Can spray directly onto tights and socks.