Akilene balm RESTful at plants 50 ml

Refreshing and decongestant, this balm quickly relieves irritated and swollen feet.

Manufacturer: Akileine Asepta

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SKU: 4408732 Akilene balm RESTful at plants 50 ml

indications: feet tired, swollen and irritated. feet and ankles sensitive to heat, trampling, shoes pressure.

This balm Akilene permanently soothes the feet tired, swollen and irritated by the market, heat or too tight shoes.

Liquorice extract and Grapeseed Oil to protect the skin from inflammation due to the friction of the shoe.

Decongests and brings a feeling of immediate comfort to the feet and ankles swollen.

Complex of butcher's broom, cassis, Cypress, red vine leaf and vitamin factor P promotes circulation sanguine. its very discreet fresh scent refreshes and deodorizes immediately.

operating tips: apply morning and evening on the entire foot with emphasis on the arch and joints (toes, ankles). massage from the toes to the ankle.