Aderma bread dermatological d oats 100 g milk

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to clean and soften irritated and reactive.

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SKU: 9693536 Aderma bread dermatological d oats 100 g milk


Dermatological bread Rhealba oat milk, gently cleanses irritated or reactive everything in soothing and softening them. Without SOAP. without dye. Hygiene of irritated, recommended for babies and children toilet.

tips to use:

Use morning and evening.


Total 12% rhealba oat extract. Superfatting agent: 32%. Complex d 'hemisulfosuccinate and d' isethionate d "fatty alcohols. pH 6.5. Fragrance-free. Compatibility sensitive skin / reactive. Fragrance-free. Unpreserved.

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Number of reviews : 3
Average rating : 5 /5
A. Anonymous
  the 08/03/2019
5/ 5
Perfect cleansing bar for dry sensitive skin which will leave the affected area feeling hydrated and soothed .Its purity is invaluable in the cleansing of extra sensitive skin.
A. Anonymous
  the 29/12/2018
5/ 5
Perfect for very dry eczema prone skin,non drying effect and also hydrates the skin.
A. Anonymous
  the 10/11/2018
5/ 5
Perfect for dry sensitive skin.Completely tolerable and soothing.