Actyferil 60 capsules

food supplement based on iron, copper, vitamins B6 and B9.

Manufacturer: Codifra

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SKU: 4397885 Actyferil 60 capsules

description of the add-in Actyferil:

It contains:

  • iron contributes to the formation of normal red blood cells and to the normal conveyance of oxygen in the body,

  • copper helps the normal conveyance of iron in the body,

  • iron and vitamins B6 and B9 help reduce fatigue.


Box of 60 capsules.

important information:

The + this care products:

  • intake of iron and copper in the chelated from proteins form (improves assimilation of iron and copper),
  • use of rice proteins to overcome the possible allergies to gluten,
  • vegetable, gelatin capsules
  • intake of vitamins B6 and B9 required for the smooth application of l ' hematopoiesis.


Iron (form HYPRO ): 14 mg copper (form HYPRO ): 1 mg vitamin B6: 1 mg vitamin B9: 100 g.


1 capsule per day Cure 1 month renewable

  • when iron intakes are insufficient: subjects aged women. vegetarian vegan and following a restrictive diet
  • when iron needs increase: teenager (growth) pregnant women
  • when the iron losses increase: rules abundant digestive bleeding.