3 Oaks anti-water extracts 30 tablets

Promotes the removal of excess water, decreases the sensation of swelling

Manufacturer: Les 3 Chenes

SKU: 6066690 Les 3 Chnes anti-water extracts plant 30 pills

Overview : Les 3 chnes laboratory, innovates with anti-water. A dietary supplement developed from a unique patented formula, Elim'Real, clinically proven to reduce excess water, activate Thermogenesis and refine the silhouette. Elim(Real est une avance incontestable dans le domaine de la rtention d'eau.) The assets that make up this patented formula are known for their diuretic properties. Innovative and clinically experienced, anti-water has a triple action on the body :-Eliminates excess water -Facilitates the process of thinning -Active thermogenesis result : tissues are dsengorgs, the silhouette refined and embellished.