3 oak Bois Bande 200ml

This oral solution allows you to regain vitality and power.

Manufacturer: Les 3 Chenes

SKU: 5436972 3 oak Bois Bande 200 ml

Properties 3 oak Bois Bande:

Bark of bois bande is recognized for its ancestral virtues bringing vitality and power. Helping to increase also the stamina and mental and physical resistance, wood Strip is a highly natural extract.

Allows you to regain vitality at the time wanted through its natural response.

The 3 oak wood Strip ensures a physical and mental resistance.

This product is not a drug but a dietary supplement.

Tips 3 oak wood Bendy:

eat for 2 weeks 1 time per day 2 tablespoons coffee pure or diluted.

Buttercream 3 oak wood Bendy:

extract of Muira puama (MALTODEXTRIN) (99.1%)

xanthan gum



citric acid


potassium Sorbate


sodium Benzoate


caramel (0.125%)