3 oak 1000 taste Extra Royal Jelly Orange 10 bulbs

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useful for all circumstances and by all the family food Royal Jelly supplement.

Manufacturer: Les 3 Chenes

SKU: 7331088 Les 3 Chnes jelly Royal 1000 taste Extra Orange 10 bulbs


Les 3 Chnes offers you a food supplement Royal Jelly adapted to the circumstances and suitable for the whole family.

Royal Jelly 1000, orange extra taste, supports seasonal treatments, convalescing in support during colds.

Indeed, Royal Jelly, secreted by bees, is a gift of nature. It is a real concentrate of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and rare substances, antioxidants. It is the exclusive food of the Queen of the hive, food that allows it to live years, instead of a few weeks, and to fertilize, cause the whole colony.

You find tone and vitality daily.

Tips for using jelly Royal 1000:

Dilute 1 vial per day in the morning with a full glass of water or juice during 3 weeks.


Keep out of reach of young children.

To use part of a diversified diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Product made in France.



Number of reviews : 7
Average rating : 5 /5
D. Christelle
  the 25/09/2017
5/ 5
Très bien
C. Yasmine
  the 25/01/2017
5/ 5
Parfait pour se reboosté durant l'hiver !
J. Patricia
  the 25/09/2016
5/ 5
bon produit pour mes ados de 12 ans
H. Natacha
  the 14/11/2015
5/ 5
A voir sur le long terme
T. Nadin
  the 17/10/2015
5/ 5
rien à dire parfait