Phytosun Aroms broadcaster taking Easyplug

Diffuser outlet ultrasonic with bottle of essential oil.

Manufacturer: Phytosun Aroms

SKU: 9022655


Phytosun Aroms diffuser Easyplug decision-making is an essential oil diffuser to clean up the atmosphere.

Ideal for creating a tonic, refreshing or relaxing atmosphere, essential oils Phytosun: fits this diffuser without problem!

It can connect in all parts of the House or office.It allows 3 modes of dissemination for different uses (Intense, atmosphere, day and night).


Material for dissemination of essential oils.

Using advice:

Screw the HE bottle on the diffuser then plug diffuser.To set the speed:1 pressure = 1 spray every 10 seconds (automatic stop after 1 hour).2 pressure is 1 spray every 20 seconds (stop after 4 hours).3 pressure is 1 spray every 30 seconds (stop after 8 hours).The 4th pressure to stop broadcasting to unplug.


1 diffuser.