Pharma Nord ActiveComplex Omega 3 & 6 - 60 capsules

Dietary supplement rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Manufacturer: Pharma Nord

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Pharma Nord Active Complex Omega 3 & 6 is a dietary supplement rich in DHA (docosahexaenoic acid, one of the omega-3 fatty acids) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid, one of the omega-6), thanks to the oil borage and the fish oil it contains.
EPA and DHA help maintain normal blood pressure and normal heart function.
DHA also contributes:

  • to the normal functioning of the brain,
  • to maintaining normal vision.


Food supplement, rich in omega 3 and omega 6. 

Directions for use

Take 1 to 2 capsules per day with the meal. This should be repeated for 2-3 months. 
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose; Not a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of children, dry and protected from moisture.


Nutritional information per capsule:
Borage oil 360 mg
Of which GLA (Gammalinolenic Acid) 80 mg
Fish oil concentrate 140 mg
Of which EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) 45 mg
DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) 33 mg
Energy value 21kJ is 5kcal
Protein 0.120g
Carbohydrates 0.063g
Lipids 0.468g
of which: Saturated fat 0.045g and Unsaturated fat 0.422g
Ingredients: Borage oil (Borago officinalis L); Fish oil (in the form of free fatty acids); Coating: gelatin; Emulsifier: glycerol.
May contain traces of fish.


1 x box of 60 capsules.