Pharm'up Spirulina tablets 100
Pharm'up Spirulina tablets 100
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Pharm'up Spirulina tablets 100

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Complementary food rich in nutrients.
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Spirulina of Pharm'up is a super food that can boost your natural defenses and regain energy and vitality. Rich in protein and vitamin B12, this alga is antioxidant, tonic, anti-fatigue, and participates in the maintenance of blood sugar. It may be offered to children, athletes, seniors, adolescents, people in convalescences or in support of a weight loss program.

Spirulina of Pharm'up is 100% natural, cultivated outdoors in ponds of fresh water from the natural environment. It is then harvested and dried at low temperatures to ensure all native and nutritious qualities. The producer employs organic nutrient of vegetable origin, bringing to the seaweed she needs. The used inoculum comes from the Indian agriculture Research Institute, authenticating the origin of seaweed and its stability.

Tablets allow better digestion and assimilation. For optimum conservation, they are conditioned in a tinted Brown pillbox in mass with self-sealing cape aluminum, thus reducing the risk of unkwon-oxidation.

0% GMOs, additives, pesticide, herbicide, dye, conservative.

Certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Controlled by Ecocert.

Format discovered 100 tablets (15 days).


Protein 56 to 69% carbs 20-25% fat 5-7% minerals (ASH) 6-9% moisture (water) 2.5 to 6%

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