Oemine PSO 300g bath powder
Oemine PSO 300g bath powder
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Oemine PSO 300g bath powder

Manufacturer: Oemine

Alkaline alkaline salts and marine magnesium bath powder.
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Bathroom Oemine PSO powder is an alkaline powder to use for bathing, external lotions and mouthwashes.

It is useful to rid the skin of acidic, it calms the burning or itching sensations.

Used for the bath it lets you soften the superficial scales to facilitate and accelerate their natural elimination.


In the case of itching, burning sensations or scaly skin bath powder.

Can be used in external lotion or mouthwash.

Directions for use:

Bath of the body:1-2 times a week, put 4 to 5 doses per bath.Swim 30 minutes by rubbing on a regular basis.

Foot bath:1 dose per bath.Swim 15 minutes 4 to 5 times a week by rubbing on a regular basis.


Aqua maris, sodium bicarbonate, magnesium oxide.


1 box of 300 grams with pods of 30 grams.