Nutrisanté Infusion Bio Detoxification 20 Sachets

Nutrisanté Detoxification based on limetree sapwood, horsetail and ash.
Manufacturer: Nutrisanté


SKU 5001323


Nutrisanté Infusion Bio Detoxification is of natural origin and meets the requirements of organic farming. It contains:

- Limetree sapwood, which helps to provide a natural digestive comfort and supports the excretory functions of the kidneys.

- Horsetail, which helps to remove bodily excretions.

- Ash which traditionally helps the general bodily functions.

No artificial flavours.

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Sachets containing natural infusions.

Recommended Use:

Put one sachet in a cup and pour in boiling water.

Brew for 3 minutes to let the ingredients release their natural flavours, and up to 5 minutes depending on the strength of the flavour desired.

Take 3 to 4 cups per day.


Limetree sapwood  (46%), Horsetail (31%), Ash (23%).

100% of the ingredients are from organic agriculture.


20 sachets.

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