Nutrigee Infusion respiratory 30 sachets

Strong infusion in 5 organic plants to relieve the nose and throat in an effective way.

Manufacturer: Nutrigée

SKU: 6004857


Nutrigee respiratory infusion is a strong infusion in 5 organic plants that relieves the nose and throat. By combining different carefully selected organic plants that work in synergy, this bio strong infusion renders all the goodness and the active principles of whole plants.

Thyme, eucalyptus, the buds of pine, Ivy and Echinacea, antiseptic, expectorantes and anti-inflammatory properties, have a soothing action on the Airways.

Honey, propolis and Royal Jelly are three treasures of the hive known historically to stimulate the body's natural defenses throughout the year. Their beneficent action on the Airways is reinforced by the essential oil of peppermint. These organic plant extracts are in the form of concentrates plant Solubles (CVS), a method that protects concentrates into granules of natural fibres in order to return all of the active principles of plants to their dissolution.

Sealed freshness pouches tightly ensure completeness of flavors and the virtues of therespiratory infusion of Nutrigee, in the teabags paper not bleached with chlorine, without clip conditioned or glue.


Relieve the nose and throat.

Directions for use:

1 tablet per day every morning


Organic eucalyptus, organic thyme, organic echinacea, organic Ivy, organic pine buds, extracted from Peppermint organic, organic honey, organic, jelly propolis organic Royal on vegetable fibres, bio (organic agave and chicory inulin).


Box of 30 sachets.