Nuby Variable Flow Teats DUO

Double-pack silicone teats with variable teat flow for your child's needs. 
Manufacturer: Nuby


SKU 2600024


Nuby Silicon Variable Flow Teat Heads offer a natural bottle feeding similar to the feeling of breast feeding for your child. These teats guarantee the same flexibility and movement to accommodate your infants needs. Their shame and size also mimic that of a natural mother's breast. Furthermore, these heads have specialised studded grooves to gently massage your baby's delicate gums. With an variable teat flow, your baby's can drink at a pace that suits them and their appetite. The anti-colic gap in each of these teat heads prevents any air building up in the feeding bottle, reducing the amount of air that your child can swallow and thus reducing the likeliness of colic

Colic is a broad issue relating to behavioural issues in young children often related to digestive discomfort linked to the entry of air in the stomach. This discomfort often leads to the child become heavily irritable (e.g. crying and screaming). This can also affect sleep (directly, for the child and indirectly to the parents or carer). Nuby are specialists in child care needs. If you are interested in this product or have tried it and already love it, then ensure to take a look at other products from our Nuby range for children here


Adjustable teat flow baby bottle teats.

Recommended Use:

Wash the teat before the very first use with warm soapy water.Rinse thoroughly with clean water.Repeat cleaning in the same manner before each use.


Silicon teat heads.0 % bisphenol A.


2 x teat heads.