Nûby Silicone slow flow teat
Nûby Silicone slow flow teat
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Nûby Silicone slow flow teat

Manufacturer: Nuby

Nipple silicone slow flow for baby.
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Nûby nipple Silicone slow flow offers the feeling of breastfeeding, for the greatest comfort of baby.It guarantees the same flexibility and the same movement. Its shape and size perfectly mimic the womb.

It has small teeth, for massaging baby's sensitive gums.

With its slow flow, baby controls the flow and this avoids the excesses and the regurgitations.

The anti-colic slit she owns avoids that a vacuum develops in the bottle and reduces the amount of air baby can swallow. It allows a natural feeding and active reducing irritability and colic.


Teat slow flow for babies.

Directions for use:

Wash the nipple before first use with SOAP water.Rinse well with clear water.Proceed similarly after each use.


Nipple silicone.0% bisphenol a.


1 nipple.