Nûby Nibbler set of 3 replacement nets

Nets to replace those worn or torn of the Devourer of fruits and biscuits for babies.
Manufacturer: Nuby
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SKU 2605362


Nûby replacement nets allow to change those worn or torn the Nibbler Fruits and biscuits Nûby.

The grignoteur is an accessory that allows baby to suck and Nipper of the pieces of fruit, vegetables or dry cakes without the risk that he swallows chunks and chokes. It is ideal to discover new food tastes and your young child of many flavors.


Nets of replacement for the Snacker Nûby for babies over 6 months.

Directions for use:

These nets may not be used without the complete Devourer.


BPA and phthalate in accordance with the regulations in force.


Set of 3 replacement nets.