NatureSun Aroms diffuser aromatic Pebble

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NatureSun: diffuser Pebble Aromatique is an essential oil diffuser.

It allows to purify the inside and clean up the atmosphere.It is ideal for small parts, in cabinets, in the glove box or in the handbag.Ingredients of NatureSun essential oils are natural and organic.

Its size is small and convenient and it is easy to use.


Aromatic Pocket roller.

Directions for use:

Place 5-8 drops of essential oil on the stone.Wait a few moments before handling the puck.Essential oils are naturally spreading through evaporation.


1 aromatic roller.



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M. Marilyn
  the 30/11/2018
5/ 5
Very handy to have something portable like this to take some aromatherapy with you, or leave in a small space.