MoustiKologne liquid repellent 33ml refill

Refill liquid repellent for 45 nights of protection.

Manufacturer: MoustiKologne

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MoustiKologne refill liquid repellent protects mosquitoes for 45 nights you and allows you to enjoy serene nights and no bites.

Indeed, this product combines the Moustikologne broadcaster ensures you total protection against mosquitoes, including Tigers, for 45 nights, same windows open, mosquitoes for a room of 30 m 3.


Charging liquid mosquito repellent diffuser Moustikologne.

Directions for use:

Press the flat areas of the CAP and turn keeping him upright. Place the liquid inside the electric Diffuser Refill, then screw gently until it stops.Connect the diffuser essential in a vertical position. Adjust the rotating socket to keep the bottle vertically. After use, always unplug the unit.

Can be fatal if swallowed and penetration in the Airways.


Prallethrine (N case: 23031-36-9): 0.87% (m/m). TP 18: insecticides.


33ml bottle.