Modilac 5 Organic Cereals 230g

Instant cereal for babies aged 6 months and over.

Manufacturer: Modilac

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Modilac has created a unique instant cereal to serve with baby milk. The 5 cereals cater for the balance of food that babies of months and over need and respond to their nutritional needs. These cereals have been selected for their high nutritional quality and their delicious taste, mixed in a fondant texture, perfect for your baby's tastebuds.


Food product for babies of 6 months and over.

Recommended Use:

By bottle:

  • Prepare the bottle of baby milk to a lukewarm temperature and add the recommended amount of cereal.
  • Cap the bottle and shake well to mix the milk and cereal. Before feeding, test the temperature with your wrist.

By spoon:

Empty the warm baby milk into a bowl and add the recommended amount of cereal.

Mix until the texture is smooth. Check the temperature before feeding.


Flour Grains Mostly Dextrinised* 99% (Whole Wheat 44%, wheat 20%, Barley Complete 11% Rye Full 11% Brown rice 7% And Oats Complete 6%)

Maltodextrin Rice

Natural Vanilla Aroma



1 x box of 230g.