Masmi Natural Cotton Sanitary Towels 16 units

Hypoallergenic sanitary towels made from organic cotton.

Manufacturer: Masmi

SKU: 4866096


Masmi Natural Cotton Sanitary Towels are hypoallergenic, made without chlorine or dioxin. Compatible with your natural physiological pH, these natural protective towels do not alter the natural acidity of your vaginal mucous. The absorbent material is soft and spongy, for greater protection and comfort. With breathable fibres for added comfort. Made from organic cotton. Fragrance-free.  


Sanitary towels for feminine protection. Recommended for all types of discharge. 

Directions for use

Attach to underwear using the adhesive strip on the underside.


Hypoallergenic, organic cotton.


Box of 16 towels.