Ladrome Organic Propolis Lozengers 50g

SKU: 7979346


Lozengers made from organic propolis echinacea which aids to relieve sore throats. These lozengers are composed of: 

  • 20% organic honey
  • concentrated organic propolis extract
  • concentrated extracts of echinacea and organic sage
  • lemon and organic globular eucalyptus essential oils. 


Lozengers to help to soothe sore throats. 

Directions for use

Suck the lozengers several times per day. You must consume the lonzengers quickly after opening the bag. Do not leave within the reach of children. Not recommended for children under the age of 6. 


organic sugar cane, organic wheat syrup, organic honey extracted from plants: Echinacea Sage 23.4% propolis extract essential oils: Eucalyptus Lemon


1 x 50g bag.