La Roche Posay Substiane 40 ml

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Substiane acts on the dryness and the modification of the physiognomy of the face due to subsidence of the strokes.

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SKU: 9840977 la Roche Posay Substiane + 40 ml

Description: Pro-Xylane increases the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans filling the dermis, the collagen synthesis and structure organizing the DermIS collagen of anchorage between the DermIS and the epidermis. The action begins in the heart of the skin, and comes to life in the tissues that recover network for greater cohesion. skin is firmer, more rounded, and the maintenance of the face is reinforced to the outside. melting and creamy Texture easy to apply. clinical evidence of the skin resubstantiation: skin is more expansive, more density and less wrinkles, she finds a more youthful appearance. optimal Tolerance.

indications: care restorative anti-aging for over 55 years.

operating tips: apply morning and/or evening on face and neck. excellent makeup base.