Katadyn Micropur MC 100g

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The tablets 10.000P MC Katadyn Micropur can inactivate bacteria of clear water (and not disorder) thanks to silver ions to the bactericidal and bacteriostatic properties they contain.

They are ideal to keep water purified up to 6 months in storage tanks while preventing the proliferation of germs, algae and the formation of unpleasant smells.

Tablets can be used in the various locations where water stagnates: in motorhomes, caravans, on boats, in systems of air conditioning and heating...


Tablets for clear waters (and not disorders).

Directions for use:

Dosage: 1 g powder for 100L.

  • Dose the powder and put it in the tank to tank or empty water.
  • Fill the tank with the desired water quantity immediately.
  • Wait for 120 minutes before using the water.


  • Use in plastic or glass.
  • Test the metal containers before use.
  • Use the biocides with caution.
  • Prior to use, read the label and product information.


Silver ions.


A box of 100g.