Juvamine Pumpkin Seeds 60 Capsules

These capsules contain active ingredients such as pumpkin seeds, which help to maintain good general health.
Manufacturer: Juvamine


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These capsules are a great supplement to maintain good general health. They contain a large amount of pumpin seed extract which also contributes to good prostate health.

From a certain age, the growth of the prostate gland starts to become responsible for the genes which control the male urinary system. It can become difficult to urinate, with frequent night cravings and urinary discomfort. Pumpkin seed oil helps maintain a normal urinary flow and helps to maintain all-round good health.

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Food supplements containing pumpkin seed extract.

Recommended Use:

Take 2 capsules per day for 30 days, renew your program if necessary.

Swallow with a glass of water. Take during your morning meal and evening meal.

Do not exceed the recommended daily doses.

These supplements do not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Keep out of reach of young children.


In 2 capsules:

Pumpkin Seed Oil .. 1000mgEssential Fatty Acids .. 450.6mgLinoleic Acid .. 448mgAlpha-Linolenic Acid .. 2.6mg.

100% natural oil.


37.7g. 60 capsules.