Isostar Cereal Max Energy Hazelnut Chocolate 3 x 55g

Isostar Cereal Max Energy is a cereal bar with hazelnuts and chocolate to maintain performance during endurance exercise.

Manufacturer: Isostar

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Isostar specialises in sports nutrition. It offers liquid drinks or powder, bars, gels, tablets for hydration and performance athletes.

Isostar Cereal Max Energy Hazelnut Chocolate 3 x 55g is a hazelnut and chocolate high carbohydrate cereal bar. This bar allows the athlete to maintain level of performance during endurance exercise. Indeed, it is recommended for intensive and/or long-term (hiking, trails, mountain biking...) .

Max Energy Cereal Bars have been specially studied to meet the nutritional needs of the athlete. They are rich in vitamins:

  • vitamin C which helps reduce fatigue.,

  • vitamin B1, PP and B6 which contribute to a normal energy metabolism

  • vitamins C, E and B2 that help protect cells against oxidative, stress

  • vitamin B6 which is involved in the normal formation of red blood cells; these last play a fundamental role in the oxygenation of tissues , including muscle tissue.