Interprox Plus Micro (Green)

6 interdental brushes with ergonomically angled heads.
Manufacturer: Interprox
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These new bruhes from Interprox Plus allow you to efficiently get rid of dental plaque from between your teeth, orthodontic devices and other orally fixed prosthetics in case of furcations or diastemas. The angled head allows ease of access to clean out the spaces between your teeth.Its four main features include: • Excellent control and dexterity.  • Long handle.  • Long lasting, repeated use. • High efficiency. Protective head cap for on-the-go use with each brush.White tynex filaments to warn of bleeding.Black tynex filaments to indicate the presence of bacterial plaque. Does not damage oral implants or cause sensitivity. 


For maintenance of oral hygiene. For tooth gaps 0.9 - 10mm.


Stainless steel metallic shaft covered in plasic. 


6 interdental brushes.