Eye Care

Eye Care

Here at Sanareva we offer a whole range of eye care products including eye drops, lubricant gels and spraysto soothe and protect your eyes from little daily nuisances like eye dryness or fatigue.

In fact, tired and dry eyes are conditions that have started arising in the last century. Screens, to give one example, are putting greater demand and stress on our eyes. Symptoms can include stinging, redness, the feeling of having something in your eye or even trouble wearing contact lenses.

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Innoxa Blue Drops 10ml

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Blue Drops promotes relaxation and rest for the eyes.


Aqualarm Intensive Spray 10ml

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Allows to moisten, to refresh and to relieve your eyes, to lubricate the contact lenses.

Bausch & Lomb

Ilast Eye Lubricant 15ml

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Eye lubricant to moisten and lubricate the eye to relieve dryness.

Horus Pharma

Blink-N-Clean 15ml

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For vision sharper and more comfortable without having to remove the lenses


37 Product(s)