Hartmann Thermoval Baby Thermometer

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Non-contact temperature-taking within 3 seconds.

Manufacturer: Hartmann



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Hartmann Thermoval Baby Thermometer is a fever thermometer, which uses infrared technology to measure the temperature of the body or an object without contact. Compared to conventional fever thermometers, Thermoval Baby has the advantage of enabling faster measurements. Thanks to the contactless measurement on the forehead, your child is spared the discomfort of oral, rectal or axillary temperature measurement. The additional object mode of Thermoval Baby enables the precise measurement of the temperature of objects such as baby bottles or the measurement of the room temperature. The high measuring accuracy of the Thermoval baby has been proven in clinical studies.

Directions for use:

Thermoval baby is ideally suited for measurement on babies, but the thermometer can also be used on adults.

How to use:

Body temperature: position the thermometer in the middle of the forehead at a distance of 3 - 5 cm from the skin. Press the scan button and scan towards and over the temple. Read the measured result after three seconds. Temperature of milk bottle: position the thermometer at a distance of 3 – 5 cm from the object. Press the scan button and read the measured result after three seconds. Ambient temperature: press the scan button and read the measured result of the ambient temperature after three seconds.


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