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Halita is the first specific treatment for halitosis (bad breath) of oral origin.

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Halita is the first specific treatment for halitosis (bad breath) of origin oral. Halita toothpaste is a daily use toothpaste that is involved in the treatment of halitosis of oral origin while ensuring the protection of the teeth and gums.

thanks to its formulation: -antiseptic Action and antiplaque with antibacterial cetylpyridinium chloride to a wide spectrum. neutralizes the CSV and protects the oral cavity with zinc Lactate. The zinc ions inactivate CSV (volatile sulfur compounds), smelly gas which may also affect the oral mucosa,-turning them into sulphur compounds non-volatile. -inhibits the growth of s. mutans involved in the development of decay with Xylitol to a concentration of 10%.

improves the salivary flow: the Xylitol promotes the production of saliva, thus participating in the fight against the production of anaerobic bacteria, responsible for the oral halitosis, and humidification of the mouth. Increased salivary flow also prevents the CSV to emerge and to perceive.

indications: -transitional halitosis produced by food, beverages, tobacco, hormonal changes, medications, etc. -chronic bad breath (halitosis), by accumulation of bacteria in the oral cavity that produce (especially on the posterior part of the tongue) the volatile sulfur compounds (VSCS) smelly.

presentation: -Halita toothpaste 75 ml

not forget...

Ensure good oral hygiene through classic brushing and rigorous brushing of the interdental spaces. Lingual hygiene is essential, this is why we recommend the daily use of the Halita tongue. Regular monitoring at the dentist visits are necessary. -drink plenty of water, especially between meals. Are some of the factors that can dry out the mouth and promote the emergence of bad breath: sleep (bad morning breath), breathe through your mouth, snore, smoking, certain medications (antidepreseurs, antihistamines, antihypertensives), stress, many speak, intense exercise... -control his consumption of tobacco, coffee and alcohol. -reduce consumption of foods such as garlic , onion, seasonings... -Avoid long periods of fasting, in order to reduce the periods between meals. Visit regular CHEZ the surgeon-DENTIST

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