Furterer Triphasic 8 Vials

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Furterer Triphasic Vials are a regenerating serum that helps fight against progressive hair loss, hereditary and hormonal thinning hair.
The vials are developed with 3 patented active ingredients, with the necessary nutrients, stimulants and energy to stop hair loss.  

This product also helps to improve the scalp's structure and thus promote its regrowth. Triphasic 8 Vials can act on 3 well-targeted actions: 
  • Its hormonal ingredients made with Curbicia and Vitamin B6 will control the seborrhoea and help with the regulation of the secretion of sebum. 
  • It will act on the micro-circulation of the hair by providing a vascular action with Pfiaffia which will improve the vascularisation. 
  • Finally, due to its ATP tissue action and particularly the patented active anti-glycation ingredient, HMC, it will protect the hair bulb that represents the primary source of energy for hair regrowth.

You will quickly see results!

Based on a 3-month trial performed on 90 men with progressive hair loss,, here are the benefits provided by Triphasic 8 Vials: 
Non-oily hair: 79%
Hair more dense and flexible: 83%
Stronger hair: 92%
Triphasic 8 Vials is the No. 1 product in France on the anti-hair loss protection market!

Regenerating serum for anti-hair loss.

This product has 4 vials in 2 boxes. It is suitable for 1 month of intensive treatment or 2 months of follow-up, according to your needs.

For intensive treatment:
  • During the first month, apply twice a week. (1 bottle for each application)
For follow-up treatment:
  • During the 2nd and 3rd months, apply once a week
After your shampoo, gradually apply the entire bottle and then massage gently into your hair. No need to rinse.

Pfaffia extract, orange HE, lavender HE, vitamin PP, curbicia extract, vitamin B6, amino-proteins, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B5, whey, cyclodextrins, excipients qs 100%. 

1 x box of 8 vials.


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A. Andrew
  the 05/04/2020
5/ 5
Good product sold and delivered by a reliable company