Forté Pharma Vitality 4G Dynamisant 30 Vials

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The Forté Vitality 4G is an instant energy stimulant contains several active ingredients:

- Gingseng: Originally from Asia, this ginsenosides-rich root is famous for its many qualities. According to its Latin name, Ginseng "Panax", means 'universal remedy' ('Pan', meaning 'everything', and 'Akos' which means "cure"). Ginseng is also excellent for the immune system.

- Guarana: Used for thousands of years by the Guarani people in the Amazon for the preparation of tonic drinks, guarana is a source of caffeine for your body.

- Royal Jelly: Produced by bees, this natural elixir is a true nutrient concentrate.

- Ginger: Supports the body's natural defences.


Instant energy supplement to fight fatigue and stimulate intellectual and physical activity.

Recommended Use:

Take one vial per day, either pure or diluted in a glass of water. In the case of oncoming fatigue, take a single dose of Vitality 4G for immediate effect. For long-term effect, take a single dose of every morning. 20 days treatment recommended. A dietary supplement should not replace a varied and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle. Not recommended for pregnant women or nursing mothers or for children under eight years of age without medical advice.


Contains ginger, guarana, royal jelly, ginger. 


Box of 30 vials.