Fleurs de Bach Rescue Remedy Pet Drops 10ml

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rescue Remedy Pets drops 10 ml

Properties: Rescue pets helps manage the stress and excitement of our animals on a daily basis. Composed of 5 Bach Original flower essences developed by Dr. Bach in the 1930s, Rescue is emergency solution to help our small friends to remain calm in all circumstances. This alcohol-free formula is appropriate for all the animals company. Indications: day of stress, emotions strong. examples of use of Rescue Pets : before a visit to the veterinarian or groomer, after shock, fear, bad treatment. operating tips: pour 4 drops of Rescue Pets on a treat, a food or container of water for your pet to renew if necessary up to 6 times per day. Do not exceed the specified daily dose.



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L. Julien
  the 01/03/2016
5/ 5
Delivered goods within 4 days, as promised. Also included 3 free samples of face cream. Thanks!