Fleurs de Bach 37 Wild Rose 20ml

SKU: 7839898 flowers of Bach 37 Wild Rose - Briar Rose 20 ml

product overview:

Resignation, apathy. The wild rose (Rosa Canina) is suitable for one who resigns himself to an unpleasant situation. qu('il s'agisse d'une maladie. d'une vie monotone ou d'un travail dplaisant.) He does not complain but too apathetic to recover. to change profession or to enjoy the simple pleasures. Although it is not satisfied with this state of affairs. It is not really unfortunate and does not attempt to change the situation. As such. It's a rather boring companion who is unable to achieve their potential. Sick. He resigned and accepts medical tips such as "need you to be. He may believe that his illness is hereditary and so that it has more to do anything. He is resigned rather than depressed by this state of affairs. and accepts life as it is. It lacks energy and ambition and sometimes speaks in a monotone voice. He does realize that it is the attitude in itself creates the conditions for the lives of everyone who contributes to the health and success. The positive potential is a keen interest in life. the work and the world in general. The resignation gives way to the ambition with a purpose in life: good health and good friendly relations. The positive Eglantine type took his own life and his situation. and demonstrated initiative to undertake changes. Account drops of 20ml. Net volume: 20ml.

operating tips:

2 drops in a glass of water or on the language 4 times per day. Do not exceed the specified daily dose.