Fleurs de Bach 01 Agrimony 20ml

Distress hidden behind a jovial mask.

Manufacturer: Fleurs de Bach

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product overview:

distress hidden behind a jovial mask. People who are in need of Agrimony (Agrimony) often seem carefree and humorous but their joie de vivre mask anxieties, concerns, or even a deep inner torment that they sometimes try to disguise both other to them - same. If they experience pain or an ailment, it is likely that they joke in, reluctant to express their real fears. Very sociable, they don't like being alone and are looking for the company to get distracted. They try to ignore the bad side of life and prefer to take things lightly, rather than get into disputes. Tormented thoughts sometimes act their sleep.

These people can sometimes suppress their discomfort by abusing alcohol or drugs, or comforting with food. The positive potential of Agrimony applies to those who are really in a good mood and whose company is nice. They communicate frankly their true feelings and accept that life is not only good sides. Their good mood is now explained by a true sense of inner joy and the fact that they accept as they are, they see problems in their context and are very diplomatic mediation. Account drops of 20 ml. Net volume: 20 ml.

operating tips:

2 drops in a glass of water or on the language 4 times per day. Do not exceed the specified daily dose.