Diet World B Slim Transit Detox

Infusion that promotes elimination.

Manufacturer: Diet World

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Diet World Tisane B Slim is a one-month slimming cure in the form of infusion.
It promotes the transit and detoxification of your body.
It is composed of Mauve Frisée, a plant with emollient, detoxifying and diuretic properties.
Formulated without caffeine.


Consume the herbal tea every evening after dinner but not more than 2 hours after, for 1 month.
Leave to infuse the sachet between 2 and 10 minutes.
Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. Does not substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep young children out of reach.

Directions for use

Malva Verticellta (mauve frisée) 96%, Senae (Sené) 4%.


Box of 30 teabags.