dBb Remond plate guard to the warm Turquoise + covered

Plate and covered to keep warm the dishes of baby.

Manufacturer: dBb Remond



SKU: 7211049


Without Bisphenol A, in accordance with the regulations in force, the plate keeps warm of dBb Remond and his double bottom to put hot water allows the plate to keep food at the right temperature. The plate comes with a lid, a fork and a spoon.In addition, the sucker cleverly placed under the base to hold it in place in all situations.


To keep warm the dishes of baby.

Directions for use:

Wash in soapy water and rinse with each use.

Once the reserve of water filled with hot water, close the CAP.

Remove the suction cup to possibly place the plate in the microwave.


All plastic.


-Hot water supply-Suction Cup-Cutlery: fork and spoon

Capacity of 300ml.