Clément Thékan Fiprokil Duo Small Dogs 2-10kg 4 Pipettes

Insecticide to fight off fleas and ticks for small dogs.

Manufacturer: Clément Thékan

SKU: 9022665


The Clément Thékan Fiprokil Duo Small Dogs Pipettes is to fight external parasites. It prevents flea and tick infestations which are common with small dogs weighing 2 to 10kg.

The pyriproxifen does not contaminate the environment when treating your dog for the early stages of ticks. One application protects your animal against ticks fleas for the next 7 weeks and ticks for 12 weeks. It is therefore effective in preventing infestations.


Antiparasite product for dogs weighing 2 to 10kg.

Recommended Use:

Take out a pipette from the packet.

Hold it in an upright position.

Break the snap-off head marked in etched lines. Spread your pets fur out from the base of their neck towards their shoulder blades, until the skin is clearly visible. Place the pipette nozzle directly on the skin exposed. Gently squeeze the centre of the pipette several times to squirt the solution out.

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Each pipette 0.67ml: Fipronil 67mg, Pyriproxyfen 20.1mg.


1 box of 4 pipettes.