Blédina my 1st Bledine from 4/6 months 250g

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Preparation of grain suitable for baby's Palace.

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My 1st Bledine Blédina allows baby to educate his palate and discover grain gently. Her recipe contains nutrients essential to baby food: cereals, without sugar, without dye and nor conservative in accordance with the regulations. Preparation for infants of origin 100% French. Cereals require no baking, is a major asset, which can be used with the infant preparation of your baby. 0 to 6 months, the essential baby food is breast milk. That is why this product cannot be used as a substitute for breast milk before the 6 months of the gluten enfant.sans.


Suitable for feeding infants from 4 months.

Directions for use:

Just before the meal, prepare a bottle of 210ml of breast milk or infant preparation lukewarm, a 240ml bottle. Pour the recommended amount of grain (3 tablespoons shaved = about 12g) in the bottle. To get a good dissolution, shake the bottle in 2 time: - in circular way by rolling your hands for 10 seconds - vertically for 10 seconds. If you use an infant preparation thickened, adapt the nipple and decrease the amount of grain added.


Grain 99.9% (rice flour), vitamin B1, track of milk and soy - gluten. For 100g prior to reconstitution: fat... 1, 2gDont fatty acids saturated... 0, 4gGlucides... 85, 5gDont sugar... 0, 2gFibres food... 1, 8gproteines... 7, 8gSel... 0, 03gSodium... 10mgVitamine B1... 0.9 mg


250g box

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  the 10/05/2019
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My baby boy loves it