Bioderma Cicabio Lotion 40ml

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SKU: 4786960 Bioderma Cicabio Lotion 40 ml

Description: Cicabio Lotion dries out seeps and acts on each stage of epidermal reconstruction to foster a perfect repair.Association of talc and silica change and neutralizes the seeps.the complex Antalgicine, innovation Bioderma, quickly relieves the feeling of discomfort and reduces the incentives to scratching.the synergistic combination of Resveratrol with copper promotes year epidermal restoration quality.patented natural complex D.A.F. (Dermatological Advanced Formulation) raises the threshold of tolerance of the skin.repaired, soothed, the injury is forgotten.formula without perfume.without dye. Beige colouring is natural and linked to the assets of the product.agents, hypoallergenic

information: 1 restorative care of injured, irritated skin weeping that accompanies all stages of epidermal reconstruction.

operating tips: be sure to shake the Cicabio conditioner bottle well before use.break rod. inviolabilityturn the CAP until it clicks to open and close.apply Cicabio Lotion with sterile gauze or directly with the tip on the previously injured area cleaned.use Cicabio Lotion 2 times a day until complete repair of the injury.Cicabio Lotion can be used on the face and the body.Cicabio Lotion is suitable for adults and children.Cicabio Lotion does not use internal mucous membranes (inside the mouth, the rectum and the vagina) and bleeding lesions.

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A. Anonymous
  the 29/10/2017
5/ 5
Product all mums MUST have, really good from nappie rash any rednes, one day and redness gone. Seriously very good product. No need to use a lot of product, enough of one-2 drops, depends on aria, but I mean no need to apply layers of product.