Aromaspray Deovert cool tonic 100ml

Deodorant with essential oils 100% pure and natural.

Manufacturer: Aromaspray

SKU: 9751771


Aromaspray has selected for their charitable actions and their discreet and natural freshness essential oils used in this Deovert fresh tonic 100 ml.

The Deovert fresh tonic 100 ml allows a long-term protection without the use of aluminium, dyes, preservatives or parabens.

His natural action reduces the proliferation of bacteria and absorbs odors thanks to its active molecule, without blocking the transpiration natural process.

A few sprays of the Deovert fresh tonic 100 ml are enough for an immediate freshness sensation.

  • up to 500 sprays
  • exists in 30 ml pocket size
  • 100% natural essential oils
  • spray without gas