Thalamag Marin 30 capsules

Cures of magnesium to maintain balance in the body magnesium.
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Thalamag Marin 30 capsules


Magnesium plays an important role in most energy reactions of the human body and especially on the regulation of neuro-muscular excitability. An important part of the magnesium content in our human body is eliminated each day. It is therefore important to compensate this loss, the supply is often low in magnesium (especially in the case of plan excluding foods rich in magnesium such as the chocolate vegetables and fruit dry..), it is recommended to supplement magnesium intake in order to achieve our daily needs estimated 360 mg to 400 mg.

Magnesium Thalamag is extracted from sea water by solar evaporation of magnesium-rich brines. Due to its natural origin and her micronization, Thalamag enjoys an excellent assimilation by the body and does not lead to intestinal discomfort.


Micronized marine natural product, Thalamag enjoys excellent tolerance. BATNEEC intestinal discomfort, it may be taken into long-term cure.

operating tips:

Capsule provides 150mg of magnesium. Take 2 capsules per day to swallow with a little water. It is advisable to regularly renew the cures of magnesium to maintain balance in the body magnesium.


Box of 30 capsules.