Vicks Steam Inhaler inhaler steam V1300-EU

Steam Inhaler is a steam inhaler which relieves congested nose and coughing.

Manufacturer: Vicks

SKU: 6713021

Vicks Steam Inhaler inhaler steam V1300-EU


Steam Inhaler is a laboratory Vicks Steam inhaler. Small size, it can follow you around. it mixes the decongestant scent and the steam hot water to relieve cough and the frohlockend. its funnel shape facilitates the release of steam. vapours relieve nasal and sinus congestion, they address to the dryness of the throat.

Tips for using Steam Inhaler inhaler to steam V1300-EU:

fill the inhaler of hot water and add buffers VapoPads.


  • transportable and leak
  • 2 scented VapoPads included
  • dishwasher-Resistant