Uriage Keratosane 30 40ml Tube

Skin thickening treatments localized: Plantar calluses, elbows, scalp, hair Actinic, crusts of milk... Body and scalp. Infants, children and adults.

Manufacturer: Uriage



SKU: 7582494 Uriage Keratosane 30 40 ml Tube Properties:

Keratosane 30 is a gel-cream high tolerance suited to local areas of the body or leather scalp. its concentration of urea (30%) allows him to have a strong Keratolytic action on bumpy or very thick identified. areas Keratosane 30 is a complete care that helps the skin to recover its smooth, calming, gentle appearance without roughness.

  • Gel-cream very effective.

operating tips:

apply twice a day or more depending on the needs on the affected areas. Caution: temporary tingling sensations are possible on sensitive skin. avoid contact with eyes.