Sanoflore wonderful Essence night concentrate 30ml

SKU: 9979534 Sanoflore Essence wonderful night concentrate 30ml


Essence wonderful is a concentrate of night anti-aging regenerating with essential oils of organic Pelargonium & Melissa officinalis bio antioxidant. your skin is radiant, smooth and plump at the alarm clock. a 100% natural formula, paraben free, no synthesis fragrance, no mineral oil. It is perfectly suitable for skin sensitive. some plants possess extraordinary powers. Among them, the Pelargonium Bio and Melissa officinalis Bio, two species whose essential oils are so powerful that they compete with anti-aging of the dermocosmetics reference assets: Retinol and vitamin C. all the benefits of these essential oils Act during the night. Upon awakening, discover, under your eyes and fingers, a new skin: luscious and light, it is soft and comfortable. The sun rises and your features are smooth and rested. texture of dry, thin, non-greasy oil penetrates all delicate on the skin: it is the power of the wonderful Essence, which a few drops are sufficient to discover radiant skin in the morning. Delicate perfume of citrus, Iris and cedar.


100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin 10% of the total ingredients are from organic farming.