Regenerate Enamel NR - 5 toothpaste 75ml

SKU: 6117027 regenerate Enamel NR-5 toothpaste 75 ml


This toothpaste helps to regenerate the email by restoring its content of minerals with regular use. Acts on a stage early and invisible erosion.

Toothpaste Regenerate Enamel contains the clinically proven NR - 5 , exclusive technology. The unique formula of toothpaste Expert has specific characteristics: a dense formula and a rich texture due to its high concentration.

A whenever you use toothpaste Expert, NR - 5 ingredients combine to provide a new supply of minerals. They wrap and integrate to the surface of teeth, regenerating the email with the same mineral of which it is made.

Tips for using Regenerate Enamel toothpaste:

Use regenerate Enamel as a toothpaste usual. 2 to 3 times per day during brushing.