Neostrata Renewal cream anti-aging intensive 12 PHA 30ml

Care intensive anti-aging.

Manufacturer: Neostrata

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SKU: 7730960 Neostrata Renewal cream anti-aging intensive 12 PHA 30 ml


This anti-aging cream has intense action, it contains two powerful anti-aging assets that help to improve the appearance of the skin marked by the signs of the time. the synergy of gluconolactone and proretinol in an effective concentration has a positive effect clinically proven skin texture, pore size and skin tone. skin looks smoother, and wrinkles are filled from the inside.

Renewal cream tips:

Apply in a thin layer at night (or in the opinion of the doctor) on skin cleaned. the daily of a photoprotective use is part of a healthy skin care program.

precautions for use:

Avoid contact with eyes. Rinse thoroughly with clear water in the event of contact with the eyes. stop the use of the product in case of irritation or allergy. do not use in combination with other retinoid or vitamin A derivatives. Do not use during pregnancy or the period of nursing. keep out of reach of children. Consult a doctor if swallowed. Contains peanut oil. Store at room temperature (15-30 ).