Laino dough clay 350g Tube

Ideal treatment for oily.
Manufacturer: Laino


SKU 9823720 Laino dough clay 350 g Tube

ideal treatment for oily.

Laino has selected a clay green of exceptional quality, Montmorillonite, rich in magnesium and trace elements.

Known for its power of absorption, it fixes the impurities from the skin and its wealth brings minerals and trace elements useful to his luster.

operating tips:
mask: apply the paste thickly on the skin. Leave Act approximately 15 min, remove with a damp sponge before the mask is completely dry. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Poultice or plaster: apply the paste thickly on the party concerned (about 1 cm thick) and cover with a cloth. Remove the clay until it is fully dry (1-2 hours)

beauty mask Laino consists of 48% green type clay Montmorillonite.
It is fragrance and dye free.

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